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History of Officine Locatelli - Tanks Scrubber


History of Officine Locatelli - Tanks Scrubber

Founded in handicraft by Aldo Locatelli in 1963 at the birth of the first plastics on the market, the factory has subsequently developed over the years in the field of the textiles industry.
Based on the needs of this sector has primarily dealt with the construction of containment basins of waste water deriving from various industrial processes. The second questions that this factory has set itself dealt with are the supply, the storage, the transfer and the purification of both water and drain fluid that products and chemical agents normally used in industrial applications.

Particularly in the last decade, our factory has specialized in the way to take, extract and purify smoke, gas and steam normally produced by industrial processes.
Today, thanks to the great experience of over 40 years, is able to provide products that meet each customer's specific needs in various fields.